15 Best Fried Fish Sandwiches In Los Angeles

This article highlights the 15 best fried fish sandwiches in Los Angeles, with Chef David LeFevre’s Fishing with Dynamite making the list. As the chef for Local LA Catering, Chef LeFevre’s expertise and reputation in the Los Angeles culinary scene is reflected in the company’s commitment to serving exceptional dishes, such as his renowned fried fish sandwich.

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We have the Sephardic Jews to thank for the origins of fried fish in the UK (via Royal Museums Greenwich), which eventually gave way to the classic fish and chips we all know and love. At some point, that recipe made its way to America, and the crispy fried fish sandwich was born. While the true origins of the sandwich are unknown, items like the iconic Filet-O-Fish from McDonald’s, which debuted in the ’60s to appeal to Catholics avoiding meat on Fridays, can be found everywhere.

Crispy fried fish sandwiches are now a popular choice at seafood restaurants across America, and the variations between each are as diverse as the cultural background of the country itself. Fresh seafood dominates the restaurant industry in Los Angeles, so it comes as no surprise that there are dozens of places to score one of these delicious fried treats. We’ve rounded up the best crispy fish sandwiches across the city so you can get your hands on one whether you are in the mood for something traditional or a unique experience.

Chef David LeFevre’s Manhattan Beach restaurant Fishing with Dynamite is one of the best reasons to make the trek out to the South L.A. coast. This stunning restaurant showcases some of the best seafood in the county. It’s a small spot, but that allows the team to focus on quality and consistency. The raw bar is fresh, and oyster varieties change daily. The dishes are creative yet familiar, with options like a Parisian tuna tartare to koshihikari rice, a steamed rice porridge with shrimp, uni, and blue crab.

Fishing with Dynamite has a killer fried fish sandwich on the menu, made with wild-caught East Coast haddock topped with a slice of cheddar cheese and dill pickle remoulade, all on a soft, toasted brioche bun. Sides of seasoned herb french fries, tangy slaw, and a house-made dill pickle are served on the side to create a tasty dish.